Modafinil & Weight Loss

The body’s weight gain or loss system is a complex mechanism, dependant on a number of factors. In the recent past, a number of popular prescription weight loss drugs have helped people who have not been able to lose weight with diet and exercise. Although there is no magic pill for obesity, research has suggested that the usage of certain drugs with antidepressant properties could lead people to eating less and Modafinil is one of them. In fact, a 2003 clinical trial study concluded that “like amphetamine, Modafinil reduced the amount of food consumed and decreased energy intake, without altering the proportion of macronutrients consumed”. It also concluded that unlike amphetamines, the amount of Modafinil needed to affect appetite did not raise the heart rate of individuals who used it.

Although the prescribing information for Modafinil (Modalert, Provigil) reads that “There were no clinically significant differences in body weight change in patients treated with PROVIGIL compared to placebo-treated patients in the placebo-controlled clinical trials.”, a number of studies have concluded it does have an appetite reducing/weight loss effect. The database of peer-reviewed medical research studies, Pubmed has over 600 references to this drug as well. It discusses how research participants have experienced unexpected weight loss and a surprising outcome of the usage of Modafinil.

A happy side-effect is the weight loss that accompanied the regular use of provigil. My metabolism increased dramatically, and I now weigh roughly 30 pounds lighter. I also eat less. This isn’t surprising, considering the relation it has to amphetimines and other drugs commonly used to lose weight.

Safe and Effective Weight Loss

Weight loss does not have to be an endless ordeal as most of us believe. Among the many drugs gaining popularity for their weight loss properties, Modafinil is an FDA-approved drug used commonly for treatment of narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorder. The percentage of overweight population has increased considerably in the last two decades. As people strive hard to manage health and weight, miracle diets and pills offer quick fixes and individuals end up setting unrealistic expectations from their weight loss programs.

With so many weight loss drugs in the market, which is the best means to choose? Modafinil, the first among the new class of drugs used to stay awake, has an appetite reducing effect. Consequently, it causes reduction in food intake without increasing your heart rate (as it does not act in the same way that amphetamines do). This prescription only drug is FDA approved for anyone older than 16 years of age. You might find this to be a great option especially if you are looking forward to lose excess weight. Also, the drug does not have withdrawal problems which are prevalent with other stimulants and most people do not complain of any withdrawal symptoms at all.

Stimulant You Can Trust

Forget about exhaustion and the daytime drowsiness you experience all the time. Unlike prescription stimulants and caffeine, this FDA approved drug only affects the part of your brain which works to keep you awake. Therefore, it does not affect your central nervous system causing prolonged sleep, jitteriness or even insomnia as a withdrawal symptom. Your sleep patterns will return to normal as soon as you stop the drug. It is a true panacea for anyone waiting to cure excessive sleepiness and tackle weight gain issues. Stimulate the hidden energetic reserve in your body, and accelerate your weight loss with this drug.