Take Appropriate Provigil Dosage As Prescribed By The Doctor

Provigil is used under the recommendation of doctor. It is illegal to give Provigil or to sell Provigil to anyone else. One should take Provigil dosage as prescribed by the doctor as overdose of the drug causes severe side effects. Provigil is not recommended in any dosage for the children below the age of 17. The drug is available in 100mg and 200mg one should purchase the appropriate dosage form the chemist. The exact dosage should be taken early in the morning or before the work shift to prevent sleepiness during working time.

The drug should not be administered in over dosage as Provigil dosage in extra can cause severe side effects. One should take alcohol while taking Provigil as it lowers the effectiveness of the drug, and at the same time it increases the chance of side effects. Provigil should be stored in room temperature and be kept away from the children. Provigil dosage is usually taken for 3-4 months as long term administration of the drug causes addiction towards the drug. The dosage of the drug can be varied by the doctor if lowered dose amount of Provigil is not found effective. Provigil dosage along with other medications should be taken only with the advice of the doctor to prevent any allergies or side effects.

The Effect Of Provigil Overdose

Provigil affects the nervous system of the body so one should be aware of the Provigil overdose amount consumed. Provigil comes in 100mg and 200 mg tablets. One should take the drug dose as prescribed by the doctor as Provigil overdose may cause serious side effects like aggression, thought of suicide, trouble in breathing, chest pain, depression, feeling anxious, increase in activity etc. One should not take Provigil without the advice of the doctor as it may cause health risk.

If one thinks that one had Provigil overdose then immediately medical helps should be taken to prevent any fatal health issue. Provigil should not be given to children below the age of 17 so it should be kept in a place away from the reach of the children to prevent any misuse of the drug. Even if a dose of the drug is missed one should not take over dose of it to manage with the missed drug. The symptoms of overdose are diarrhea, feeling excited or agitated, confusion, trouble in sleeping and nausea. One having any such symptoms one must visit to the doctor any seek medical help to come out of the affect of the side effects of the drug.

February 20, 2018